I’m M Vignesh started my career as an Amazon Kindle writer.  Now recognized as an eBook poet. One step ahead, I paved the way for many individual writers, grooming them to be eBook writers. With the motive of bringing passionate poets to the limelight, many independent poets have been transformed into eBook poets.

36764824_426222904550521_4403894121962405888_nHeeding to the present scenario, rather than creating Haiku poems with different titles, experimentally, I introduced scene sequences in my Haiku creations
Deviating slightly from the traditional Tamil, followed the paths of the great Tamil poet Vaali,

“who insists that poems should be easily comprehensible and should touch the heart and mind of the readers.”

The Tamil language has a great heritage and everlasting pride. My aim is to add feathers to my mother tongue through my poems and my writings should be a crown to it, creating an impact in the minds of the youngsters.